2019 Clean up the World one Beach at a time

January 26, 2019

Brea, Calif, - January 2019 – Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. Marine Division held a clean-up day at the Long Beach Marine Stadium and Marina Vista Park on January 26, 2019. 18 members of the Suzuki family showed up ready to clear trash from the lawns, sidewalks and waterfront. By the end of the day, over 12 bags of trash were collected.

This effort is just one of the worldwide events taking place as part of Suzuki Motor Corporation’s (SMC) “Clean Up The World” campaign. This campaign started in Japan when SMC’s Marine Division decided to clean up the area around Lake Sanaru, which coincidently is considered the birthplace of Suzuki’s outboards.

Because of the ecological benefits to the local environ-ment, as well as the positive reaction from the local residents, and the press, SMC Marine Division is encouraging all of its distributors around the world to hold similar events under the “Clean Up The World” banner.

The folks from Suzuki arrived around 9 AM and grabbed bright orange trash bags provided by the Long Beach Department of Parks and Recreation. Groups of two, three and four people spread out around the parkways and waterfront in search of cans, bottles and other trash. Water bottle caps and cigarette butts were particularly messy and a prevalent reminder not to litter.

“To be honest, the park looked pretty clean when we got here,” remarked Gus Blakely, Vice President of Marine Sales and Marketing. “But once we started looking around, it didn’t take long for us to fill up all those trash bags. And it was great to get smiles and thanks from the local residents.”

“Suzuki has made a strong commitment to the environment by switching all our outboards to fuel efficient, clean-burning 4-stroke technology. Now we are taking the next step and spending some quality time to make a difference on the ground,” added Blakely. Their clean-up efforts should serve as reminder to minimize our footprint in the outdoors, and to take the time to dispose of trash properly.

For more information on the Suzuki Marine “Clean Up The World” Campaign, or for information on Suzuki’s full line of fuel-efficient 4-stroke outboard motors, please visit us online at www.suzukimarine.com, Facebook – Suzuki outboards - or contact Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. at 714-996-7040



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